Lunch Information

The lunch and breakfast program at ECS is an extension of our environmentally focused curriculum. By sourcing local farmers, using sustainable product, purchasing recycled or reusable trays and utensils, and patronizing local food service establishments, we have created a public school meal program unlike any other in Western Pennsylvania. The Environmental Charter School Lunch Program (ECSLP) provides a healthy, delicious, and sustainable (both agricultural and economic) meal within the guidelines of the National School Lunch Program.

This year we are proud to annouce that we will be working with Pittsburgh Community Kitchens which is a Pittsburgh based non-profit. They will be helping us design menus, prepare food, and find alternative options to tradtional school lunch.  In light of recent guideline changes in the school lunch program we will be tracking the nutritionals for every meal.  We strive to go above and beyond guidelines and think creatively about the future of school lunch.

Additionally, we will be supplementing our school lunch program with a new partnership with Grow Pittsburgh and their Edible School Yard Program.  We aim to support their work by reflecting lessons in the garden to meals on the student's lunch tray.  Also we will be engaging in community programming to bring Chef's into the garden and the classroom.  We are thrilled by this partnership and are looking forward to cultivating a deeper connection with students about where their food comes from.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Kelsey Weisgerber the Food Service Director. AND CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBPAGE